I learned a new tutorial at YouTube channel, “School of Motion”. They explain every detail and step to make this motion, which looks very complicated. However, it is not that difficult.

“The Power of Pre-comp”: This is the primary thing I learned in this week. With a lot of pre-comp, an amazing motion can be operated by a simple shape. If I need to modify anything, just change the object in the first comp. Very convenient!
“Magnify”: A magnifier in AE could change the size of my objects and the shape of magnifier. In this motion, although it only appeared in a few seconds, how to use it and what it will perform were the second things I learned.
“Align”: it is a basic tool in AE, but this was my first time to arrange my objects with it. Previously, I was thinking how to arrange the objects with the same distance between them. Right now, I know how to do it.
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