I learned form “NoSleepCreative”, which demonstrates clearly how expression works at After Effect, and every artwork at this channel is very professional. In today’s motion, I learned a simple one without expression. Only used shape layer, CC bend it, and mask to complete it.
“The Light”: to create a light shining from the corner, it used mask on a solid layer and made it transparent with Directional Blur. Then, changed its direction by using CC slant. Directional Blur and CC slant are the new effect I learned in this process.
“Trim path”: for the vine, I used Trim Path to make it grow up. Trim Path is a complicated tool for me. It can make a line longer and shorter, but there are “End” and “Start” I can choose. Most of time, I only use one of them. How can I use then at the same time? Maybe I can find some tutorials of Trim path for my next motion.
“Adjustment Layer”: it was my first time to use Posturize Time and Noise at Adjustment Layer after finishing an animation. I didn’t notice that using Noise can avoid the animation too smooth or too clear. I don’t how to explain that feeling, but adding some Noise is important.
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